Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recipe: Butternut-Corn Cakes

I just whipped up this concoction this morning, looking for something different to try for the kids. Thankfully, it did not turn out bad and they ate it all! For the amount of butternut squash soup I added, you could barely taste it. (and I added a lot!) Great way to get the kids their veggies! I even invited my friend Lori over to eat them with her daughter! A+ I eyeball my amounts to get my texture right, so I really don't have cup sizes of anything. It should still be the consistency of pancake mix.

Cornbread mix (I used Marie colander's from Sam's club)
Organic Butternut squash soup

Mix the cornbread mix with 1/2 the amount of water called for. Then add the Organic Butternut squash soup for the remainder 1/2. Mix together to get the desired consistency of pancake mix.
Pretty easy huh?!

The taste is more cornbread with a hint of butternut squash. The texture is obviously cornbread texture, so they break a bit easier (for the little kids) They taste great with syrup, or Jelly!